The showroom at 20 John Williams Street, Attleboro, MA has been closed.  We will no longer have a retail showroom since we have semi-retired.  We will, however, continue to build custom pieces of "creative art furniture" from our home workshop.  The best way to contact us is email at [email protected]

To view pieces of furniture we have made in the past, please peruse through and enjoy the video below by clicking on the red and white arrow
To learn how master craftsman & furniture designer, Stephen C. Staples builds his farm tables, click on FARM TABLE BUYING GUIDE below to read his 10 page article with color photos.   
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The article below called CREATIVE ART FURNITURE AND WABI SABI tells Chris' and Steve's story of their lifelong love of antique historic things of all kinds and how they present the time worn surfaces in everything they have created over the past 46+ years.

Texture and Paint

Our Secret Ingredient?  It's our Paint, Finish and Durability.


Through the years Stephen has studied and worked in restoration from small pantry boxes to wonderful buildings.   He has been fascinated by the importance of "texture".  Even as he scans the countless decorator magazines, it is obvious texture creates the ambiance whether in fabric, wall coverings or furniture.  Stephen believes that a fine creation can be destroyed by an inadequate finish.  Spending some time working with a sculptor friend whose medium is Styrofoam that he shapes and epoxy coats before applying stone effect finishes, Stephen was enlightened to a style of texturing previously unknown to him


cabinet cupboard door handle cabinet cupboard moulding

cupboard moulding painted blue pine farm table finish

This sculptor's techniques coupled with Stephen's years of study and practice of the painted finish has brought a new found dimension to a method already admired by my peers.  Great lengths are taken to bring the original colors, tones and character out of the fabulous wood acquired.  In short, the trick is to bring forth the original time worn surface and not to produce a new one.

drawer handle painted yellow, with wear

You will find our furniture to create an atmosphere all their own adding a warmth and tone that will set forth your deepest creativity.

tavern table drawer front and leg with painted finish tavern table leg with worn finish

As were the turnings of our forefathers, our turnings are made one at a time, by hand.  Slight variances in calibration are welcome evidence of true hand work.  An even greater feat is to finish these turnings so they look 200 years old.  Paint has to be worn to the right degree in the right locations.  Even little details like the protruding peg worn ever so slightly by the abrasions of time truly denote the utmost attention to detail.

cupboard cabinet with yellow and green country cupboard paint finish

The interplay of deep contrasting colors has always been our favorite.  Note here the addition on the panel of some light faux graining.

entertainment center with white finish entertainment center moulding with white finish

Our antique White paint has always been a favorite as it compliments any decor.

entertainment center with crackle paint finish

With proper manipulation of existing finishes and the (quite erratic at times) use of glazes, finishes can actually take on the look and feel of leather.

entertainment center moulding painted and worn to look old

Please be reminded here that you are looking at brand new wood made to look old.

entertainment center door crackle paint finish and white outer

Color I Color II Color III